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Do you wish to undertake a greener laundry routine? Have you considered ditching cumbersome plastic detergent bottles for laundry detergent sheets? At the moment I’m sharing some helpful info so you’ll be able to determine if this change is best for you.

Laundry detergent sheets are gaining recognition over liquid detergents, particularly amongst environmentally acutely aware shoppers.

Who can argue with the comfort of tossing a skinny, concentrated sheet into the washer and lowering plastic, proper?

I’ve been desirous about making this swap myself for some time now — however I preserve hesitating to click on the “purchase now” button.

To be sincere, I’ve had nagging questions: Are the sheets really eco-friendly or is it simply advertising hype? Will they clear in addition to my go-to detergent? Are they pricier?

I lastly determined to dig a little bit deeper into the great, the dangerous and the soiled of laundry sheets and right here we’re! My objective at present isn’t to persuade you to make this variation — however relatively to provide you adequate info so you’ll be able to determine if laundry detergent sheets are best for you.

Word: Some firms market laundry pods similar to laundry sheets. However there’s a distinction of their environmental affect, so we’re solely speaking laundry sheets, not pods, at present.

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